RCIFX has the obligation both as a company priority and under international investment law to protect client interests, meaning we have taken all necessary measures to protect client funds.

Segregation of funds

Client funds are received in the company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts. These funds are off thecompany’s internal balance sheet and cannot be used to pay back creditors in the unlikely event of default.

Bank accounts

The Company maintains operational and client bank accounts with reputable international banking institutions.


Investment firms are obliged to meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements.  RCIFX Worldwide Ltd maintains sufficient liquid capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in the company’s currency positions and outstanding expenses. A detailed annual audit performed by an independent auditor points out any deficiencies (if any).

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of everything that we do. RCIFX’s strategy, policies and systems are all designed to identify, manage and monitor risks to both company and client.

We are responsible for monitoring our internal control system and risk management procedures, continually identifying, assessing, monitoring and controlling each type of risk associated with each part of our operations. More specifically, when managing risks the responsibilities of Risk Management are as follows:

  • Maintaining strong liquidity
  • Prudent review and management of interest rates, foreign exchange and commodity price volatility
  • Commitment to transparency and disclosure
  • Fostering strong support from relationship banks
  • Maintaining open communication with the investment community, rating agencies and regulators
  • Assess on a continuous basis the effectiveness of the policies, arrangements and procedures in place
  • Decide on the company’s risk bearing capability and strategy
  • Review the Risk Assessment Report carried out by the Risk Management Department and take appropriate action where necessary, ensuring that RCIFX has the ability to cover its financial needs and capital requirement at any time.