Rate of Capital Investment is a company founded in 2006 in Dubai, UAE(registration number 77997). We are licensed by the UAE government as an investment firm (576561) with an International ID of 561649344.  RCI is also a member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) with a registration number of 103609.

We pride ourselves in our ongoing focus on strong investments as well as capital management.  Our investment projects have been carried out across the region in countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Syria and Egypt be it in the form of venture capital or by taking on an advisory role.

The Rate of Capital Investment team tries to provide a high level of standards for both capital and exchange markets traders through its online trading software. We allow our clients live streaming prices without requote requests, making for a faster and more efficient trading experience.

Years of experience and dedication has given the RCI team an in-depth understanding of the financial markets, as our expertise and background includes a range of insight into financial products and dedicated years in various financialinstitutions.

Despite that, our focus shall remain on ensuring a high level of customer service, as our professionals do their very best to ensure a superior standard of service, whilst maintaining proper procedures and consistent monitoring and transparency. 

We look forward to working with you to help your financial strength grow.