By choosing RCIFX as your bridge to the financial markets, you will be benefiting from:

Tighter Spreads
Our latest back office technology allows us to choose the best prices from more than 10 liquidity providers across all time zones. This allows us to pass on those prices to our clients, who are capable of constantly seeing reasonable spreads on their platforms, especially onmore popular pairs.

Trading Solutions.Anytime.Anywhere.
RCI’s online trading platform gives our clients the options to trade on multipleplatforms be it through Windows desktop or mobile, Apple products including your iPhone, and Android.  This ensures that our clients are able to reach their trading accounts anytime and anywhere. 

Automated Trading
In today’s financial markets there are plenty of traders that use automated trading.  However, such a solution is restricted to whether or not your broker can provide such services.  At RCIFX we are capable of supporting and providing both internal and external software solutions to help clients reach their financial targets.

At RCIFX we try to ensure that all trades are transparent, as well as the company’s data, so as to provide our clients with a clear mind to focus on trading their strategies.  If you wish to know more about RCIFX, please contact our customer support team. 

Trading Desk
Unlike other brokers who attempt to widen spreads during news and volatile movements, here at RCIFX we avoid that by avoiding a physical trading desk and intermediaries, allowing our clients to trade and benefit from fast execution, regardless of the volatility of the market. 

24/5 Customer Support
Our customers are our priority, and hence we have equipped our customer support team with skilled staff in mind and a goal to ensure that our clients have their trading needs across all time zones. 

Account Opening Made Easy
Unlike other companies that seek to make the process of opening an account difficult, with RCIFX our simple account opening procedure will have you trading by following 3 easy steps, all online!

Fast Deposit and withdrawal
Our clients’ needs come first, and hence our clients benefit by both a fast deposit and withdrawal services scheme where most can be done within a couple of hours. 

Regardless of the type of trader, whether you’re a scalper or a day trader, and regardless of the size of your account be it big or small, our goal shall be to provide you with the best possible trading service.

To find out more, contact us at +971 4 338 4809 or via email at info@rcifx.com